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Bluffton Motor Works
Bluffton, IN
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December, 2006
Partially Realized

Bluffton Motor Works makes sub-five horsepower motors to power a wide variety of applications throughout the world. This includes for air, industrial, laundry and material handling; bottling; car washes; commercial appliances; cranes and lifts; medical devices; food and fuel processing; gate and door operators; HVAC, pumps and more.

Bluffton has manufactured high quality fractional motors at its vertically integrated and state-of-the-art facilities in Bluffton, Indiana, since 1944. In 2012, Bluffton acquired Toledo Gearmotor Company of Sylvania, Ohio, and continues to operate that facility.

Bluffton Motor Works can design and produce almost any type of fractional motor, gearmotor or reducer. The company works with customers on custom designs, special tolerances and additional features. It also provides a variety of services during motor development including engineered samples, design assistance, performance testing, certification assistance, plant audits and inventory management.