Founded in 2003, we are proven private equity investors who primarily invest our own capital alongside established private equity managers or firms.


Flexible proven private equity investors. 

Bratenahl Capital Partners (BCP) is located in Cleveland, Ohio. BCP operates with a substantial amount of our own committed capital, as well as access to significant additional capital through our other investment partners.

We are able to move quickly to assess and decide on opportunities. To date, BCP has completed more than 40 fund investments and 30 co-investments. Over a 12 year span, BCP has exited approximately 20 co-investments.

We do not have a specific time horizon but in most situations look for a return within 5 years of original investment date. We do have the flexibility to stay in deals far longer if the economics make sense.

Bratenahl Capital Partners was founded in 2003. Michael Howley, the current Managing Partner, was an original founder.

Investment Criteria

BCP invests in 2 distinct buckets. Our typical co-invest and fund partners include established private equity funds, search funds seeking additional equity, fundless sponsors with an identified investment and other family offices. 

Co / Direct Private Equity Investments:

  • Experienced sponsor / partner
  • Strong management team
  • Established position in a defensible / niche market
  • Diversified customer base
  • Predictable financial performance, margins and cash flow
  • Clear simple value creation thesis
  • Typical investment of $500 thousand to $15 million
  • Target minimum returns of 20% IRR

Private Equity Fund Investments

  • Large anchor PE / Mezzanine funds with a proven history and multiple successful funds
  • Small and Mid-market funds where we can get significant co-invest opportunities that meet the criteria above
  • Fundless sponsors and search funds with detailed experience and successful investment history in specific industries